Selling, Generating Interest, and Everything in Between.

An idea turns into a prototype, a prototype turns into a venture, a venture turns into a business that becomes a well-oiled machine, which at some point spreads its wings and becomes something bigger than those who created it in the first place. We often find ourselves serving the business, working to feed it, and forgetting the original and authentic place we started from. And then there are the unexpected side effects we can’t always anticipate. Growing is key, but how do we stay loyal to our brand?

Photo by Paul Deetman from Pexels

If Your Brand Died Tomorrow, What Kind of Eulogy Would It Get?

Selling, Generating Interest, and Everything in Between.

Master? Slave? Hell No.

What if Your Product Feature Is Being Used for a Different Purpose Than Was Intended?

Terry Farber Eliasaf is the CEO of a marketing agency specializing in High-Tech and B2B corporate storytelling and growth strategies, a consultant & lecturer.