It isn’t always clear that we have something interesting and original to say that will make someone take a break from whatever they’re doing and actually read it. It’s particularly common when we’re at the start of our journey, while still nurturing our brand identity that is not yet fully formed.

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“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about.”

I meet many business owners who desperately want to have a presence on social media but are scared of it. They know they have to do it since that’s where their audience is and that’s where they’ll find opportunities for growth, yet they are reluctant to put themselves out there. “It’s embarrassing,” they tell me. “It’s spam. It won’t interest anybody. …

The world is made up of two types of people: those with a natural and obvious talent in a certain field — one they seem almost to have been born with — and those who are more or less reasonably good in several different fields but don’t really excel in a specific one. If they do decide to focus on something specific, they’d have to train hard and practice relentlessly in order to excel at it. Which type best describes you?

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Terry Farber Eliasaf

Strategic and growth-focused CMO services, with over 15 years of marketing experience in B2B, B2C. Consultant and lecturer.

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